When I’m not passionately coaching amazing women on creating their dream love lives, I love spending time with my husband Justin and our pup Chloe. I’m also a Target addict and wine enthusiast. I like to believe champagne is my spirit animal.

Most importantly though I’m a true lover of love.

So how did I get here…?

10 years ago I found myself in a terrible relationship. One where I thought his jealousy was caring, his controlling was protection and his spitefulness was love. I was lacking the confidence in myself to say, “I don’t DESERVE THIS”.

There was always a little voice inside my head that kept whispering, “Something’s not right. This isn’t really love. You deserve better”.

Thankfully one day I listened.

Over the next few years I dated A LOT and found myself learning my greatest lessons along the way. I learned what I didn’t want in a relationship and a lot about what I did. I learned to trust, love and be confident in MYSELF. Most importantly I learned to be ME. Just being myself was ENOUGH. I didn’t have to try to be something I wasn’t for somebody else. I got REAL honest with myself about what I wanted out of life.

This is the point of my story where you would expect me to talk about a dramatic encounter of how I met my husband. Like a scene right out of a Nicholas Spark’s movie. I hate to disappoint you but the actual truth was that he was there all along; I just didn’t know it yet. It wasn’t until I had made the changes I so desperately needed to make that I realized how amazing this man in my life was.

Waking up next to Justin every day and feeling genuine HAPPINESS is something I once never thought existed. It’s the kind of love that watches the Real Housewives of Whatever City because he knows you love it. The kind of love that gets up an hour before he has to to make you a green juice in morning. It’s the kind of love where he knows all your secrets but still loves you anyway. The kind of love where you laugh so hard your belly’s sore the next morning. Most importantly it’s the kind of love that feels like home.

It is THIS kind of love that has inspired me to do what I was really meant to do. I left my job as a teacher to study at the Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts. My real life experiences coupled with what I’ve learned from some of the best instructors in coaching has led me to become the Life Coach for your Love Life.