So freaking pumped for this month’s interview with Maranda Elkin!!

Maranda is a holistic health & wellness coach for ambitious 20 and 30-something professionals on self-care routines so that they can feel good, look good, and still crush it at work. She also works for The V. Club, a unique center offering women empowering masterclasses on the topics of relationships, motherhood, and sexual wellness. Their masterclasses break down damaging myths and provide coping strategies for the challenges that modern women face in their pursuit of happiness. Here she teaches women how their bodies work and how to make orgasms a staple in the bedroom.

I love Maranda’s view on all things health, wellness, and sexuality.

This interview’s a juicy one, so let’s dive in.

JC: Tell me a little about yourself and your journey to becoming a health and wellness coach.

ME: I am a 27-year old woman living on the Upper West Side of New York City. My big passions in life are eating delicious food, traveling the world, and sunrises/sunsets.

My journey to mind-body wellness started in January of 2017 when I realized that everything hurt. I had chronic stomach pain and heartburn and I was in a very low place mentally, feeling unfulfilled at work and in my love life. I had never felt so powerless. After a serious health scare, I decided to make significant changes to my lifestyle.

I quit meat and dairy cold turkey and started cooking most of my meals. After two weeks of sugar withdrawal, the clouds parted and I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. High with natural energy, I jumped out of bed every morning without caffeine. My stomach aches and heartburn completely disappeared and I was feeling genuinely happier to be alive.

As a result of the changes I saw, I knew that there were people out there like me who were suffering and not getting the care they deserved. With this newfound passion for self-care and zest for life, I enrolled at IIIN to become a Certified Health Coach. I launched my practice Well By Me in January of this year to coach ambitious 20 and 30-something professionals on self-care routines so that they can feel good, look good, and still crush it at work.

JC: What do you love the most about what you do?

ME: My favorite part of what I do is seeing how making a small change in someone’s routine affects every single aspect of their life. For example, I encouraged one of my clients to start a daily 2-minute journaling practice to help with his short temper and it has completely transformed his life. He is getting along better with his partner, handling stressful situations at work with his boss much more calmly, and is just now a much “lighter” person in general. It’s amazing to see. You never know what small thing you can do that can affect the course of your life. Helping someone find that thing is deeply fulfilling to me.

JC: What’s been your biggest struggle in your business or in your life so far and how have you overcome it?

ME: The biggest struggle I’ve had in my life and my business so far is the feeling that I am not good enough. Growing up, my parents put a lot of pressure on me to do well and excel in everything I did. At the same time, they were very self-involved and didn’t give me or my sisters the nurturing and attention we needed to feel whole. I tried everything I could to please them but nothing seemed good enough. When I was 16, they had a very messy divorce and my mom sort of shut down and wasn’t there for us. I had to take over as a pseudo-parent for my sisters, making lunches and driving them to school while trying to focus on my own life. It was a very hard time for me because I didn’t feel like there was anyone to take care of me and I remember crying on the bathroom floor praying to God to take the pain away. It didn’t truly get better until I left for college and could finally feel free. Still chasing boys and straight A’s for those feelings of “good enough,” it took me many years and a lot of heartache to realize that I didn’t need that external validation. I am good enough, just by being me. Just by living through the things I’ve lived through and coming out a good person. Everything else is just gravy. Remembering that is key.

JC: You also have a side gig teaching women about sex. Tell me more about that.

ME: OMG Yes. So back in January, I stumbled on this brand new concept called The V. Club and was instantly intrigued. The whole idea around it is that as women, we carry a lot of shame and guilt around our lady parts, our arousal, and our pleasure. While casual sex is becoming more mainstream, there is still a huge orgasm gap (read: men are orgasming way more than us females). That’s because most women don’t know how their own bodies work and we’re not speaking up about what we want in bed. It’s not our fault — it’s not like they taught this in sex-ed! I teach women how to get in touch with that so they have the best sex life and it’s awesome!

JC: What do you love most about working with women and sex?

ME: I love to create the kind of safe and empowering space that makes women want to take charge of their pleasure. Most women come in and they are all tight-lipped about their relationship with sex and by the end, they’re asking me about squirting and anal play and it’s like, “Ok, we all have sex. We all have these questions. Let’s stop shaming ourselves about it!”

JC: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned with this work?

ME: Most women are not having orgasms from sex. Like, almost every single one. I don’t know why but before I started this work, I had the impression that almost everyone was receiving this crazy pleasure from sex, but that’s not at ALL the case. It may be because of Hollywood or something, but either way, it’s damaging to us because we think we’re the only one not having these crazy orgasms from sex. Not the case!

JC: What do you want women to know about sex and their bodies?

ME: I want people to know that they are so normal. Every concern, worry, question they have about sex is something that EVERYONE wonders about but doesn’t talk about. I also want women to know that we all have the ability to have a G-spot orgasm (vaginal orgasm) from sex. The key is in the positioning and knowing about your body. Don’t give up! There’s a whole world of pleasure beyond that clitoral orgasm waiting for you.

JC: What are some other fun facts about you?

ME: Purple is my favorite color, but I pretty much only wear white, grey and blue. Trying to work on that!

I studied abroad in Jordan during the Arab Spring. As a Jewish American Woman (triple threat), that was pretty badass.

I consider myself a vegan, but I have cheat meals every once in awhile. I’m not one of those strict private-school vegans. I’m more of a laid-back vegan.

I’m obsessed with CBD. If you don’t know what that is, contact me and I’ll give you a life upgrade.

JC: What are you loving most about your life right now?

ME: I am loving the variety in my life right now. Having different work streams and interests keeps things interesting and requires me to have stamina. Also working from home is such a blessing. I love cooking a nourishing lunch for myself in the middle of the day or getting a run in. The flexibility is great.

JC:  Where can we find you?

ME: I write a blog every Tuesday called Self-Care Tuesdays which you can sign up for on my website at and you can find me on Insta @marandaelkin. If you’re looking to improve your self-care game, I offer a free 15-minute consult! Feel free to e-mail me to schedule that at

Finally, if you’re in NYC, come take a class with me at The V. Club! Find our schedule at  

Thanks so much, Maranda for sharing your insights on health, wellness, and sexuality. I love how open and honest you are and I’ll be sure to catch the next train into NYC for one of your classes!


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