Alright ladies,

February 14th is around the corner. There is a TON of pressure around Valentine’s Day. It may seem like everyone around you is being showered with chocolate, flowers or jewelry and every Hallmark card you read is telling you how your love life is supposed to look.

It might make you want to run straight for the Ben & Jerry’s with a side of Pinot.

Although I wasn’t technically single, I might as well have been. I get what it’s like to feel completely alone and like I wasn’t WORTHY of being celebrated, loved or cherished.

My boyfriend at the time thought being with his friends, not appreciating me and being a complete asshole was his way of showing me he loved me.

Wow, what I wish I knew then!

csajko_63What I know now is that I deserve a love that makes me feel fulfilled, supported, empowered, and loved every day.

And that is just what I got.

Today I’ve been happily married for 3 years to the love of my life. It’s the kind of love that feels like home. I’ve never been happier and I want the same for you because you DESERVE it.

That’s why I want to introduce to you a series I’m hosting called “My Relationship Sucked So Yours Won’t Have To: Lessons on Finding and Keeping Extraordinary Love”. I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how I found the man of my dreams.

Over the next few weeks I will be hosting a series of group calls. There will be 5 calls in total and I am offering the first call FREE.

The first call will be held on THURSDAY 2/11 @5:00 EST.

Each week I will show you a different step in creating your ideal relationship. This will be followed by a Q + A and some FREE coaching.

During the first FREE 1 hour call you will discover:

  • #1 obstacle holding you back from finding love
  • The BIGGEST mistake women make in relationships
  • How to get what you want once and for all
  • One SMALL thing you can do right NOW that makes a HUGE difference

You will leave the call feeling inspired, excited, and motivated to get out there and create the love life you WANT.

This is the month of love and it’s time to be lucky in love instead of sucky in love. Never be unhappy on another Valentine’s Day again.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, makes no difference. If you believe there is more to love than what you’ve experienced and you’ve settled for anything less than extraordinary then you’ve come to the right place.

You only have one life. Are you ready to make it a life full of love?




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