I help women who are single (and done mingling) or who feel stuck in their relationship move forward.

While working with me I help you gain clarity and create a plan of action towards getting the relationship you REALLY want.

The women I work with are:

  • Experiencing fears around being single
  • Worried they won’t find "The ONE"
  • Don’t believe they can "have it all" in a relationship
  • Hearing a little voice inside of them saying "Is this it....?"
  • Find that their biological click is ticking and aren’t sure what to do about it.
  • Getting all sorts of "Should" pressure from family, friends and social media - "You SHOULD get out there!" "You SHOULD be married already!" "You SHOULD want what everyone else has!" "You SHOULD just settle for the next guy who smiles at you so you can get the diamond and the wedding!"
  • Afraid they’ll be single forever.
  • Dating but nothing is working.
  • Wondering "What’s wrong with me...?"

What I want you to know…You deserve a loving, happy relationship and don’t need to be afraid to go for it! Your beliefs are what are stopping you from getting what you want and I know how to help you shift your thoughts so you can shift your life! THAT kind of love DOES exist. You can and will find THAT kind of love because you are worth it! You deserve to be happy and can be.

Together we will help you: Like yourself. Appreciate yourself. Feel all around better about what an amazing human you are. Create awareness of what you want and how to communicate it. Wake up happier and more confident. Be fulfilled right now. Become more confident in your ability to go out there and make your dreams happen.

Each hour session is done either by phone or Skype. They are exclusively done one on one so I am able to give you individualized attention. Feel free to email me in between sessions with anything that comes up.

Life is an exciting adventure or nothing at all

– Helen Keller.

© Copyright - Jennifer Csajko - Life Coach - 2017