As a self-love coach, and transformational healer

I work with young women who feel a calling and are ready to answer it. That tiny voice inside that says “I want more. Let’s go deeper”. These women are ready to own their power by fully living in alignment with who they truly are and to step out into the world with no apologies.

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My intention for you is to create a safe, warm and cozy space where you feel free to speak your truth, get comfortable with being perfectly imperfect, hold compassion for where you are right now and guide you to where you want to be.

Together we heal and forgive so we can move into radical self love and acceptance. There your dreams become your reality.

I believe…

  • That our birthright is to be in a permanent state of joy
  • The universe is always working for you and with you
  • You have everything you want and need inside of you right now
  • When you shine brightly you empower others to do the same
  • The most powerful energy is love
  • Growth doesn’t mean you’re perfect all the time, growth is knowing what to do when you’re imperfect
  • Our only job is to learn, grow, unlearn and remember so we can return home to love and to ourselves

Welcome home. You are exactly who I’ve been waiting for.

xo Jen

I’m in a more clearer mindset than how I started, with Jen’s practical guidance and advice she gave me to reach my goals.

The single most exciting moment of my experience coaching with Jen was coming up with my end date to leave my corporate job!

My biggest achievements that resulted from working with Jen was the feeling of empowerment and to helping me live my truth no matter what that looks like for me.

Michelle M. 

Since working with Jen my mindset shifted from worry to faith! I was constantly trying to control outcomes and once we discovered this it was clear that I had to let go of that mindset and have faith in my own tuition and the universe.

It was extremely exciting to do deeper work and experience breakthroughs I didn’t even know were there. My most exciting moment working with Jen was when I discovered I could just erase specific beliefs that no longer serve me out of my mind!

Now I am able to really see my worth and I got my first paying client!

Marissa P. 

Learn to Tap Into Your Intuition + Deepen the Connection With Yourself

This journal was designed to:

  1. Create an energetic shift that makes you a magnet for manifesting a life that you love.
  2. Learn to listen, hear and trust your intuition so you are able to deepen your level of self-reliance and self-trust.
  3. The ability to stop looking for something or someone outside of yourself to give you the answers you've been searching for.
  4. Be a beautiful place to write down your thoughts, feelings, and reflections.