Oh dating…

It can be a confusing, overwhelming, emotional roller coaster.

For instance, you’re out with a guy and having an AMAZING time. You’re laughing, connecting and there is some serious chemistry going on. He asks you when he can take you out on a second date. You are giddy as can be and haven’t felt butterflies like this since the 7th grade.

Then the unthinkable happens.

You never hear from him again.

He literally just POOF disappears into thin air. And you’re left trying to figure out WTF just happened. You go through the date in your mind looking for anything you might have missed. You turn into freaking Sherlock Holmes and you still can’t come up with anything.

The guy that you went out with is emotionally unavailable.

Yes, it’s true he is single. Yes, it’s true that you guys went out and had what seemed to be an amazing time. Yes, it’s true that he asked you out again in the hopes of this possibly turning into something. And now you are confused AF.

He may think he wants a girlfriend, but the truth is he doesn’t. Here are my 4 signs to look out for while navigating the seas of emotionally unavailable men:

  1. He doesn’t communicate with you consistently

This is not to say that they need to be blowing your phone up every 5 seconds, but there should be a consistent line of communication open. You text him, he responds. He calls you, you answer. You make plans, he shows up for said plans.  If he isn’t being consistent with these things then he is most definitely emotionally unavailable.

  1. He doesn’t want to meet your friends or family and he doesn’t want you to meet his

Again we are not talking about meeting mom and dad after the first date, but if you have been dating this person for a couple of months there should be a desire to meet your friends and family and vice versa.  If he avoids it and makes no effort he is definitely emotionally unavailable.

  1. He uses the word “casual” often

Let’s keep things “casual” as he avoids talking about the status of your relationship at every turn. Run for the hills girl! This guy has no desire to turn this into a serious thing. This is casual now and will still be in a year.

  1. He would rather Netflix and chill then take you out on a real date

If every time he wants to see you it seems to just be about sex, he is emotionally unavailable. He’s looking to get laid not to get a girlfriend. Someone who is looking for a real relationship is going to take the time to get to know you over dinner and drinks than in the bedroom.


xo Jen

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