Just because your single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’re alone! February 14th is a great excuse to pamper and take care of YOU. It’s also a great time to get to know YOU a little better. Let’s spend this Valentine’s Day practicing some self-love shall we?

Here are my 7 ways to celebrate YOU this Valentine’s Day.

Become the person you want to date.

Grab a sheet of paper and in one column write down who you are NOW and in the next column who you WANT TO BE.

Honesty is the best policy here. What qualities, values and characteristics do you possess right now? And what qualities, values and characteristics do you want to possess? Consider what is important to you. I want you to get really specific about these qualities and traits. Do you want to be someone who is healthy, fun, loyal, communicates well? A woman that is sexy, confident, well-spoken and flirtatious? Or who is powerful, driven, successful? Do you want to be more open, vulnerable and happy? Write down the qualities you think are important.

Now take a look at both sides of the columns. Remember there are NO judgments, just observations. Before we can be who we want to be we just have to know who we are!

Celebrate the happy couples in your life.

If you feel a pang of jealousy every time you scroll through your Facebook news feed then this exercise is great for you. It may feel like there is always another person getting engaged, married or having a baby.  There are seemingly happy couples on endless display and all you want is that same type of romance in your love life. This can cause a lot of compare and despair.

This will help you to switch your focus from what you feel you are lacking in your love life to what you  truly desire.  This is not a time to beat yourself up. It’s a chance to begin exploring and soaking up the energy of the couples you admire.

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and get curious. Question a couple you see as happy. Ask them questions like:

-How did you know they were the one?

-How have you guys stayed happy this long?

-What makes a relationship last?

-What’s the one most important piece of advice you would give me?

-What’s the lesson that’s taken you the longest to learn?

Spend some time afterward reflecting on their responses so you can begin getting clear on the type of relationship that you realistically desire!  Journal your observations.

Create a relationship vision board or Pinterest board.

If you are creating your vision board in hard copy find pictures in magazines, online or in newspapers. Cut out your pictures and affix them to your board. Get creative. Use different colors, add sparkle, create a title for your board, and make it unique to you and what inspires you. Keep this board somewhere handy where you can look at it often.

If you choose to create a Pinterest board that’s great too! You can even create a secret board if you don’t feel comfortable showing people what you’re pinning. Pinterest makes it quick and easy to find images to fill your board.

Plan a night in or out with your girlfriends.

Call up some of your best friends and invite them to a girl’s night. If you’re staying in I always enjoy some pajamas, a bit of wine, a dance party and lots of laughs. If you’re going out put on your best dress and strut your stuff with your lovely ladies. Make it special – Maybe pick a place you haven’t been to before or try something you’ve never done! A cooking class, paint night, karaoke, a comedy show or wine tasting. Tonight is all about spending quality time bonding with your girls. Live it up any way you want!

Treat yourself to some R & R.

The sky’s the limit on this one!  If you want to go all out, girl you deserve it! Book a day at the spa, have a mani/pedi, treat yourself to a facial or hot stone massage. If money is tight there are plenty of other options.  Have an at-home spa day. Use products in your kitchen to create a refreshing facial. Heat up some coconut oil for a nourishing hair mask. Draw a hot bath with essential oils. Curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, cup of tea and a good book. Anything goes as long and your taking time to care about yourself.

Here are some great websites you can check out for at home pampering:

Feminiya has some great facials you can make at home!

The Every Girl has an awesome coconut oil honey hair mask you can try!

Try a detox bath compliments of the website I Should Be Mopping The Floor!

Write down one BOLD personal statement of what you are not willing to tolerate in your love life.

We’ve all been there. We stayed in that relationship a little too long. Put up with things in our love lives we knew weren’t right. It’s all about learning to create boundaries. It’s about becoming comfortable with the word “no”.  If you’ve never been in a relationship before then this is about getting crystal clear on what you will not tolerate. Think about current or past relationships, or even that last date you were on. What were/are some things you found yourself letting slide? What were/are some things you are not comfortable with? Write it down – a bold personal statement about what you will not allow in your love life. Keep it somewhere safe so you can refer back to it when you feel yourself allowing things into your life that make you feel less than awesome.

Bust through blocks by eliminating something in your life that is preventing you from moving forward AND do something fun (and risky) that moves you outside your comfort zone.

You’ve written a bold statement for what you are not willing to tolerate any more so now it’s time to eliminate that which is holding you back AND make a decision to add something new and good into your life. It might be a putting an end to that booty call you’re having with the ex, getting out of a relationship that doesn’t make you feel your best or finally talking to your man about your lack of control in your financial life.

You might decide to enroll in those dance classes you’ve been wanting to try or text the guy at the gym whose been on your mind for weeks!

This might take a little time and soul searching. You might try sitting with your journal for a few minutes and free write first. See what comes up for you. Try listing a few things that you feel are holding you back and pick the one that your body has the biggest reaction to.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling:

  1. When did I begin to feel stuck?
  2. Is there someone from my past that is causing me to feel stuck?
  3. What am I afraid to let go of?
  4. How do I feel when I think about moving forward?
  5. What would make me feel good about myself?

After you’re finished with your writing I want you do something a little crazy. I want you to take your paper and burn it, rip it up, put it in the shedder, feed it to your dog (just kidding.. don’t do that) or whatever else makes you feel empowered. Get rid of it because it’s gone forever. It can no longer stop you from moving forward into the wonderful future you are creating.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, make it a day to celebrate YOU.


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