Let’s talk about creating excitement and envisioning what you want your love life to look and FEEEEEL like!

I love working with single women because meeting “him” is still a mystery. Not knowing who he is, where he comes from, what he looks like or how you’ll meet him is so exciting! I may or may not live vicariously through you. 😉

Vision boards are a simple and incredibly effective way to enhance the effectiveness of your dreams.  It helps you to really feeeeeel what it’s like to have those things, making it easier for the universe to send them your way. Imagine being surrounded by images and words that make you light up from within and get excited. That’s what a vision board does, it reminds you of your passions and dreams in a way that is encouraging and effortless.

If you choose to create a Pinterest board that’s great too! You can even create a secret board if you don’t feel comfortable showing people what you’re pinning. Pinterest makes it quick and easy to find images to fill your board.

On your board include pictures, quotes, articles, things you would do together, vacations you would take, the home you would live in, wedding plans or anything that makes you feel excited about your potential relationship.

If you’re creating a vision board find pictures in magazines, online or in newspapers. Cut out your pictures and either glue, staple or thumbtack them to your board. Get creative! Use different colors, add sparkle, create a title for your board, and make it unique to you and what inspires you. Keep this board somewhere handy where you can look at it often.

xo Jen

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