On this month’s interview for my Game-Changing Girls- Shining The Spotlight On Inspiring Women Doing Incredible Things series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Liza Wilde. Liza is a female entrepreneur and web designer who designs unique websites for creative entrepreneurs to help them stand out in a crowd. She’s been working for a company designing websites since right out of college and has been working on her own business on the side for the last couple of years. Now she’s just about to make her side hustle her full gig which makes her another example of a badass female entrepreneur.

I met Liza a few years back when she joined my Facebook group and most recently she redesigned my entire website when I decided to rebrand my coaching business. I was blown away with how amazing it turned out and how Liza got me and got my business.

Liza is not only incredibly intelligent but fun and easy going and has the right eye for building sites that reflect who you are and what your business is all about. She believes that your business is a direct representation of who you are as a person and your website should reflect that. 

So let’s get into the interview…

JCTell me a little about yourself and your journey to becoming a web designer for creative entrepreneurs.

LW: I moved a lot when I was a kid and most of my friends were from online, but the thing I always had with me was my computer. I started playing a lot of video and online games and at around 13 eventually started building websites for the games. It started off just being a hobby- something cool to do after school – but the more I learned, the more interested I was in pursuing web development and I realized that I loved building the websites more than actually playing the games. It was also a time in my life where both my parents had their own small businesses, so my first websites were for them!

Eventually, I went off to college and majored in Media & Information, with a specialization in Web and Interactive Media. During that time, I had a handful of internships with companies and university departments to help with their websites, and while it was informative, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I like designing and building websites for my folks. This was when I first realized I preferred working with small businesses.

I also quickly realized that I learned most of the things I know through teaching myself. There are so many resources available out there to teach yourself. When other women come to me and say they don’t know how to build a website, I let them know that most everything is available to you to teach yourself. 

Fast-forward another 6 years and I started collaborating with a friend of mine who is a graphic designer, and another friend who is a photographer, and I realized my ideal client was other creatives. The ability to work with another designer and help bring their vision to the digital world is amazing.

Now, through my company, Liza Wilde Co., I work almost exclusively with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

JC: What do you love most about being a female entrepreneur?

LW: The community – it’s been a life-changing experience to have found a great group of women who I work with. They’ve gone from business acquaintances to full-blown best friends and so quickly. We’ve even traveled the world together. We’re never competitive and always support one another, even if our projects veer into the same line of work. It’s amazing.

I love networking with other like-minded women and to be able to form a tribe of people who understand, support, and can help me brainstorm a better solution. We bounce ideas off of each other and they understand the mindset around being an entrepreneur. They also know when to turn the business talk off and to talk about other things. 

Also the freedom. Being able to make my own hours, set my own prices, choose my clients, take a vacation whenever I can. It’s AMAZING!

JC: What’s been your biggest challenge so far in having your own business and how have you overcome it?

LW: At first it was finding clients. It’s not easy to convince new entrepreneurs to invest in a website, especially when there are platforms like Squarespace, that make it so easy to DIY it. But I knew that if I kept speaking to my ideal client, we’d find each other.

My current biggest challenge has been figuring out the best price point for me and the clients I like working with. I know what I’m worth, but I also know that the people I love working with aren’t swimming in money, so it’s a little give and take these days, but I’m ironing it out. I go with my gut and then I adjust accordingly. I research what other designers are charing and figure out something comparable. But you need to know your worth and be able to make a certain salary in order to transition to this full time.

JC: What do you love most about working with creative women?

LW: It’s so empowering to see the work that these women are doing. I’ve worked with several life coaches now, and they are quite literally changing women’s lives! Also, working with other designers has helped me grow in my own creativity and skill set because we learn from each other. I’m continually blown away by their work and feel totally inspired by what they’re doing. It allows me to keep growing and building my business.

JC: I love that your work with design isn’t a one size fits all formula. You really take into consideration the client’s personality, style and mix it with your own magic. Do you think this is the key to your success or what makes you unique?

LW: Absolutely! Because my background stemmed more from the development side of things and not necessarily design, I LOVE collaborating with my clients. Since most creatives have a very distinct style or at least opinions on what they like/don’t like, it makes my job so much easier! I think some designers who are capital-D “Designers” would argue that it might be a bit more frustrating because it limits their creative freedoms, but not me! I love deep-diving into my client’s personality, fears, dreams, hobbies, etc. and pulling that all forward to make a website that represents them as well as their business.Business is a direct representation of who we are as a person. Your website should reflect you as well as your business. I learned a lot of that through Kathleen Sharon and Emily Thompson. They’re all about tapping into the client’s personal style. They ask tough questions that you don’t expect a web designer to ask in order to get to know their personality.

JC:  What are you loving most about your life and business right now?

LW: Right now, I’m loving the growth that’s happening in my business. That might sound a little money-oriented, but my client roster is filling up and it’s giving me so much excitement for the projects I have coming up. Plus, it’s reaching a point where I might be able to leave my full-time job with an agency and venture out 100% on my own!

I’m also excited about buying a house, traveling, seeing someone new who is a great guy, and different opportunities that are coming my way. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed but in a good way. Last year i started doing more research and practice into abundance mindset and me just focusing on living my life and letting my business do its thing. I’m learning to roll with the ups and downs and this came down to me surrendering what I can’t control. I know I can’t control the future and I know it’s going to be ok because it’s always been ok. I just keep focusing on moving forward.

JC:  Where can we find you?

LW: I’m on most social networks as @lizawildeco or I recommend signing up for my newsletter at https://lizawilde.co/newsletter where I share all kinds of awesome design/website tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who are DIYing their site or looking to hire a designer/developer.

Hope you enjoyed that interview as much as I did. Liza has so many amazing resources to help you build your site or if you’re like me and want no part of doing that she is amazing at building a custom site for you and your business for you.

Liza thanks for showing girls that coding is not just for the boys and for being another example of an amazing badass female entrepreneur!







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