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Sara Young Wang is a career coach who loves to help people find their way to work that feels amazing. Sara works with professionals in early to middle career who are finding themselves stressed out, overwhelmed, and don’t know what to do. She helps them find their way so they can enjoy their life. She uses guided discussion and unique and powerful tools that help her clients develop greater self-awareness, become mindful of their thought processes, and access their intuition. By doing this her clients uncover what they truly want and/or release what’s holding them back from fulfillment in their career (and life)!

She is also an incredible writer (as you’ll see in this interview) and is a regular contributor to Forbes. Sara has also been featured in Bustle, Thrive Global, Thought Catalog, The Ascent, Be Yourself, The Chic, Voyage Chicago, and Career Relaunch.

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JCTell me a little about yourself and your journey to becoming a career coach.

SYW: I provide one-on-one coaching to help people find happiness in their work. I work with professionals in early to middle career who are finding themselves in a job/career that’s making them unhappy. They’re stressed, overwhelmed and at the point where they just can’t do it anymore and something needs to change; even though they’re scared.

I found my way to coaching because I used to be in that very same situation. Many times actually. I was working at jobs all wrong for me, chasing achievement to prove my worth, doing things based on creating a pretty resume etc. I felt very trapped and didn’t feel like I had any options. Then all the stress caught up with me and I got very sick. I had to quit working and really for the first time in my life take a good look at what was going on inside of me – all the stuff I’d spent a lifetime running from and trying to cover up with all the striving and pushing myself to achieve. The inner work I did transformed my life and my health. What I realized and the tools I learned are so powerful I wanted to share them with others. This is what led me to career coaching. I help people dig deep to discover what they really want for themselves and their life; their truth.

JC:  What’s been the biggest lesson in life that you’ve learned so far?

SYW: Woah. Big question. So many lessons. Getting so sick and facing your own mortality will bring a lot of lessons to the forefront pretty quick; what’s really important and things I think you might not realize till later in life. If I had to pick just one thing I’ve learned on my journey thus far, it’s that there’s more here supporting us in life than we think. Things are unfolding and happening for us, not to us. There’s a beautiful benevolence – even in the “bad” stuff. I’m ultimately grateful for my illness as it’s allowed me to uncover my authentic self and live a much happier existence. What you think at this moment is something “bad,” may actually be guiding you to safety. 

JC: If you could go back in time, what would be the 1 thing you would tell yourself?

SYW: Chill out. Life is not a competition. If it is, it’s only with yourself and you get to determine the rules of the game. You do not have to be perfect. You can just be you. It’s safe to be you. Stop the constant comparison, the pushing yourself to be other than you are, the destructive internal dialogue that destroys your spirit, your body, your health and robs all joy. Find the strength to just show up as you in the world and you will find life is much easier.  

JC: What is the biggest issue that people come to you with and how do you help them?

SYW: People generally come to me when they’re at the point in their job/career where you just can’t do it anymore and something needs to change. But they don’t know how. It could be because they don’t know what they want – they feel like they don’t have a clue what they want to do instead, what kind of work would actually be fun and enjoyable. Or sometimes they have a vague idea but are unsure about it all. Or it could be because they don’t know how to shift their approach to what they’re doing now – to think about things differently, get a handle on their stress and release what’s holding them back from being happy at their job.

There’s a lot of confusion and ‘I don’t know’. They’re conflicted, frustrated, disappointed asking, “Is this all there is? I worked so hard to get here, but it’s not what I thought it would be.” They’re wondering how to get from where they’re at now to a life they enjoy. They’re scared. But ready to explore making changes anyway because their situation just isn’t sustainable.

By using guided discussion and unique, powerful tools I help them develop greater self-awareness, become mindful of their thought processes and access their intuition. I help people dig deep. Work is a portal (one of many) to the deeper layer of beliefs and pervasive ways of being that keep us in pain and suffering. And if we are brave enough to take a look at what’s really going on there below the surface, we have the opportunity to, for perhaps the first time in our lives, have clarity. As I’ve learned firsthand, without clarity our success in the world is built on precarious footings. Clarity is the cornerstone to building the life you want. Lasting success, happiness, peace, health, whatever you desire, comes with clarity.

JC: What’s been your biggest struggle and how have you overcome it?

SYW: Well, in the past I kind of built my life as a house of cards – doing things that were out of alignment with who I really am and my truth. And inevitably it all came crashing down. Ha. It was extremely painful at the time. I had a major identity crisis. I was terrified and didn’t know what was going to happen to me, how I would find a way through. But I did. By walking through the fire, straight into all the stuff I didn’t want to look at – all the fears and things that had motivated me to build that house of cards in the first place. I had to sort it all out and start over with a new, more solid foundation – one that will support me because I have access to clarity and won’t be making any of those missteps again.   

JC: What are you loving most about your business and life right now?

SYW: Alignment and synchronicity! The more I find and follow what feels good to me the more my life is in alignment with who I am and this makes everything so much more easeful. When you step into yourself and radiate in your own uniqueness things come into your world that are just right for you. It’s pretty cool. People, opportunities, circumstances sync up with you.  

JC: What are you most proud of right now?

SYW: Life can be messy, you know? There’s always going to be challenges and chaos because we’re not in control of the universe. The only thing we’re in control of is how we respond to it. And I’m finding more and more that I’m cool with that. I can find peace and even sometimes happiness in the midst of a sh*t storm. I can laugh at it all. Calm, awareness and clarity are always accessible. That’s pretty powerful.  

JC: Where can we find you?

SYW: You can visit my website and learn about my career coaching at

Find me on social media here:

Insta @sarayoungwang

Facebook @SaraYoungWangCareerCoaching

Twitter @SaraYoungWang1

I’m also a contributing writer for You can find my career advice articles here.  


I hope you enjoyed my interview with Sara as much as I did!


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