I hear this ALL THE TIME.

“I hate dating online. I’m never going to find a guy online. I’m never going to find a guy at a bar. I’m SO over online dating. I’m SO over going out to the bars every weekend. I’ve signed up for every online dating site and NOTHING. There are no more good guys out there. I want to meet a guy organically, like at a grocery store, my yoga studio, or through a friend”.

Ok here’s where you’re getting it all wrong…

It’s not about WHEN

It’s not about HOW

It’s not about WHAT

It’s not about WHO

It’s not about WHERE


You get so wrapped up in “how” and “when” and “where” you’re forgetting about WHY you want that amazing relationship.
See the universe always conspires to give us what we want. It’s working for us, not against us, but it needs you to help it out. By getting so hung up on how it’s going to happen, you lose sight of the “why” and make it SO much more difficult for the universe to give you what you want.

Why do you want to meet someone special? What is that going to give you? How is this going to make your life better? Why do you want this?

The WHY is where the magic happens.

When you think about why you want to meet someone it elicits a certain feeling. You might feel happy, excited, warm and tingly, butterflies, heart palpitations. You have to get into the state of feeeeeeeeeeling. When we connect to the “why” we raise our vibration and become magnets for attracting the things we want.

I’ve known tons of women who have met and are in serious relationships with AMAZING men online, in a bar, at the grocery store, through a friend and while in downward facing dog at a yoga class (seriously, I really do).

This is proof that it’s not about the where, how, when, what, or who. Stop getting so hung up on how it’s going to happen and remember your WHY.

xo Jen

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