What’s stopping you from finding a deeply connected relationship. What’s stopping you from leaving your job to do what you love. What’s stopping you from living into your full potential.

Fear is just a limiting belief. It’s your ego naming all of the reasons why you’re not good enough to have the relationship or the job or the happiness. It thinks it’s helping you by keeping you protected and safe. But it’s not the truth. It’s time to stop listening to the fear and to start listening to love.

Trying to spiritually bypass fear will never work. Just thinking positively won’t create long-lasting change. We have to really get in there and feel the fear. We have to build our house on rocks. We have to own a foundation.

In order to create that firm foundation, we need tools. I learned this tool from Gabby Bernstein’s Masterclass and it has helped me exponentially to transform my fears. The beauty and the miracles that happen is when you get present in the fear.

Whenever you feel the fear come up, you give yourself breathing into the fear for 90 seconds. Ninety seconds of being in the experience of the fear. In those 90 seconds use the tool “Recognize, Record, Release.”

Witness that the fear has come up. Write it down in some way or just record it in your mind.

You can write down or say something like, “I witness that my fear is telling me I’m not good enough. I witness that my fear is back and it’s in my chest and it really hurts and I feel like I’m alone.” Write it down, record it, and release it.

You release it through breathing into it for 90 seconds. On the exhale, release it.

As you release it say, “Inner guide I surrender this fear to you. Thank you for helping me re-organize this limiting belief and restore it back to love.

After you’re done with that it’s time to create a freedom statement. Fill in this blank “Releasing fear gives me the freedom to ___________.” Write this down in a journal or on a post-it and review it daily.

Now I want to hear from you. What freedom statement did you come up with? How does it feel to release the fear?


xo Jen


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