Last night watching the season finale of The Bachelorette I had many feelings and emotions as I’m sure the rest of America did. But that’s another topic for another time…

One thing that stood out for me the most was Rachel talking about whether Bryan was too good to be true or if it was just her fear from her past relationships. That got me thinking…how many of us have been hurt and when we meet someone new who seems “too good to be true” we’re immediately skeptical? We look for something, anything to be wrong and we often sabotage something that can turn into something really amazing.

On the other hand sometimes when things seem “too good to be true” they are. Everything’s going wonderful, things seem perfect, he seems perfect and then the rug gets pulled out from under you.

So how do you tell the difference between your fear and if something seems “too good to be true”?

You have to really trust yourself and your intuition. This comes with a lot of practice and doing the healing work.  Identify your fears, question them and see if they’re valid or not. Most of the time they aren’t. Practice listening and trusting that little voice inside of you that’s guiding you. Ask the universe for support. Ask them to help guide you through this experience.

1  of 2 things can happen. This can turn out to be the love of your life OR the universe is sending you this person to help teach you something. So be open to whatever’s going to happen. Let it happen.

When it comes to love sometimes you have to jump in with 2 feet and take a chance and other times you have to sit back and trust when your intuition is saying “something’s not right here”.

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