Life Is Short

Over the weekend I lost someone very special to me. My grandpa was a larger than life kind of guy. He had an eye for the finer things in life and believed that no matter what situation you were in, you deserved to enjoy them as well.

Him and I had a special bond that I don’t have with many people. I felt like he always “got me”, like we were cut from the same cloth . It was almost like we shared a secret that no one else knew but us.

So it was no surprise to him that I decided to quit my traditional job to start my own business. After all, he had done the same thing.

When he was younger he started his own telephonics company that made him quite successful. He was always extremely generous in his success and shared it freely with others.

He believed in working hard and playing hard. He worked extremely hard in his business, but also took the time to enjoy all that life had to offer.

Grandpa was a firm believer in the “Life is short, do what you want” way of thinking. If I wanted something, he always encouraged me to go for it. Whether it was a pair of shoes, buying a home or quitting my job to start my own business.

When he started to get sick we would have many conversations about just going for it. Whether I was scared I didn’t have enough money, or that I wasn’t good enough, he always encouraged me to do it anyway.  He told me that if I really wanted something I would find a way to make it happen. Don’t be afraid of taking the plunge. That’s what life is really all about.

The point of me telling you this is don’t wait. Don’t wait for tomorrow or when you have enough money or when you think you’ll be ready. If you really want something, go for it. Find a way to make it happen. As Mario Forleo always says “Everything is figure outable”. So figure it out and make it happen.

Thank you grandpa for instilling this in me. Your passing solidified even more just how short life is and how quickly it goes. Go for your dreams. Do what you love. Buy the damn shoes ????

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