Stockholm (2)

You’ve tried everything. You’ve put yourself out there. You’ve read every book. You’ve listed to every piece of advice and….nothing.

Let me help you out.

Drum roll, please…

My secret weapon to attracting the love you want is to become the person you want to date.

Ta da!

Sounds simple enough right?

Sit down for a minute and write down all of the values and qualities you’re looking for in a significant other.

Maybe it’s someone whose health is important. So they eat healthy, they exercise and they take care of their minds (maybe meditation, reading, podcasts, you get the picture).

Maybe it’s someone whose finances are in great shape. So they have little or no credit card debt or student loans. Maybe they own their own home. Maybe they’ve invested in a retirement plan. Their financial game is on point.

Maybe it’s someone who’s super passionate. They love art or music or cooking. They make sure that they’re pursuing these passions in some way. So maybe it’s what they do for work or it’s something they just do for fun.

Now look over what you’ve written and ask yourself, “Do I possess any of these values and qualities?” If the answer is yes, that’s awesome! You are on your way girl!

If the answer is no, then what can you do to live more in alignment with these values?

Do you need to focus on paying off those credit cards? Do you need to focus on your health and start going to the gym? Do you need to make more time to do the things you love?

What is it that needs more attention?

So why is this important?


You need to practice what you preach.

Make sure that you’re not asking your ideal partner to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself. If you want to attract this type of person, you have to be in alignment with these values yourself.

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