If you read my blog last week, you could tell that I wasn’t feeling like my usual self. It happens from time to time. We get burnt out, stressed out, or pushed to our limits. I gave myself the time and space I needed and TRUSTED that this was temporary and I would be feeling like myself again soon.

And sure enough, here we are!

There’s something about the changing of the weather here on the east coast that leaves me feeling like I’m wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. The hot, humid summer days are fleeting and the cool crisp autumn days are approaching. We start to get back into our normal routines and back to real life.

Change is not only happening in the weather, but in ourselves too.

Last week I was feeling down, low energy, zero motivation or inspiration. Like I said, I TRUSTED it would return and it did and it all started with one simple thing.

You’re probably wondering what my lack of creativity and motivation has to do with creating the love life you want. Well, the answer is simple. It’s something we both REALLY want.

Maybe you’re ready to settle down and find the relationship of your dreams. Maybe you’re tired of being single. Maybe you’re ready to put yourself out there and start dating again. Whatever it is, you’re ready for a change. But like me, you’ve been lacking the motivation to make it happen. You’ve been holding yourself back from showing up in the world and creating the life you want.

Here’s the one really small thing I did to snap me out of my funk and to get inspired.

I cleaned out my night stand.

Say whaaaaat???

Let me explain…

I had been staring at my night stand for the last few months thinking how messy it was, but refused to clean it up. Every morning the same thing, I would open my eyes and the first thing I saw was that tornado of a mess. But for whatever reason I would pretend like it wasn’t happening. Today I looked at it and just decided to clean it. I organized my books, notepads, lists, threw away garbage and cleaned it up.

Let me tell you, I felt like a million bucks after I was done and it only took me 5 minutes! Something that was so silly and insignificant ended up snapping me out of my funk and helped me to move forward. All of a sudden all of these ideas started coming to me naturally and easily. Nothing was forced, I wasn’t even trying!

The lack of inspiration and creativity was holding me back, but it was lifted just by doing one small thing. Sometimes we can’t move forward because we feel stuck in a certain kind of energy. In order to create different energy we need to take action.

The next time you’re feeling stuck and things aren’t happening, clean up an area in your house or car. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, just one small area. By cleaning and organizing my life I’m showing the universe I’m ready for the next thing. So if you’re ready to create the love life you want, show the universe you’re ready. Remember this doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul, start with one small thing.

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