Pleasure is a topic I’ve been exploring extensively over the past couple of weeks.

Let me start at the beginning though…

I’m all about accepting and loving your body NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. I’ve spoken about body love and acceptance many times on the blog and in my social media posts.  I’ve shared my struggles with loving my body over the years and how I’ve finally moved into acceptance. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I learning to love my body no matter the size. My crippling anxiety about my weight has vanished and my worthiness is no longer wrapped up in what I look like.

However, there still felt like there was a piece of this puzzle missing. I had been doing A LOT of work around my body and my confidence and I was feeling really good, but I was still not making healthy choices around food. My anxiety around food had shifted from “OMG you can’t eat that/ there are too many calories/then binge mentality” to “I finally feel free to eat whatever I want whenever I want”.

This was new found freedom I had never experienced before and at first, it was completely liberating. But then it began to shift to, ok this is great and all, but when is the part where I start wanted healthy foods going to kick in? My goal was to have a well-balanced diet and healthy body image, but it seemed like the balance was shifting from restriction to not giving a hoot what I was putting into my body. Again, not the healthiest.

So what was up? What was I missing here?

I literally couldn’t figure it out. I had done SO MUCH WORK around this. What couldn’t I see?

This is why coaching is so f’ing awesome!

I had the opportunity to be coached by one of my favorite coaches, Christine Hassler (who you hear me talk a lot about), on her podcast Over It And On With It.

When we got on this call I explained my situation to her. Within a few moments, we got to the bottom of it.

I did not have nearly as much pleasure in my life as I needed and I was using food as my only source of pleasure.

AND from years of struggling with body image, I had developed a story that my body = pain and I had never really seen my body as a tool for pleasure before.

Well, this totally blew my mind open and I knew I needed to learn and explore more.

I enrolled in a course all around pleasure, sexuality, body love, and the power of feminine energy and I learned so much. I began my pleasure journey and in just a few short weeks I noticed a HUGE shift…

My business started taking off easily and effortlessly.  My creativity was off the charts. I was having the best sex of my life and a lot more of it. I was more present, calm and grounded. Men and women were noticing me more. I felt the most confident I ever have in my body. I started really listening to my body and what it needed and in turn, it told me it needed a lot more protein and veggies.  My heart felt like it was going to explode with love and gratitude.

I was literally glowing. I felt like I was walking around on a cloud. I felt myself embodying the confident powerful woman I always knew was inside.

And this was all from making a conscious effort to incorporate pleasure into my daily life.

I knew I was onto something here, but why weren’t more women talking about this?

Well according to Christine, “We can get so caught up in our day-to-day activities and spend so much time in our mind that we forget we actually have a physical body that is here for us to enjoy. Instead of loving and appreciating our body such that we experience pleasure by inhabiting it, we put ourselves in hell every day by judging it. And for so many of us (especially women), we criticize it, compare it, starve it, punish it, obsess about it, and work really hard to change it.

Why do we do this? The current societal images of what is attractive definitely do not help, yet there is usually a deeper issue. As children, if we ever were abused, shamed, or felt unsafe in our body, even just once, we may have started a protective pattern of disconnecting from our physical body and our sexuality.

Not being connected to our physical body in a way that we are truly loving it is often at the root of issues like depression, body image and even eating disorders.”

I want to put an end to all of that right here and right now.

Pleasure is your birthright. You are born hard-wired for pleasure. It is not something to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about. You are meant to feel good, in your body, in your soul, in your life. Pleasure is your feminine superpower and it’s time you reclaim it. Feeling good is a magnet for all of your desires, so it’s time you start experiencing more pleasure today <3

PS- Be sure to look out for my 30 Day Pleasure Challenge next week! 30 days of incorporating pleasure into your every day. If you’re not following me on Facebook or Instagram, go do that now! I’ll be sharing all of the details for the challenge there<3


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