A woman walks into a room. Immediately you notice her and so does everyone else. Men are waiting in line to talk to her. Women are envious of her. Everyone wants to be around her.

She may not be the prettiest, thinnest or smartest woman in the room (not that that matters), but she exudes confidence.

How is she so confident? What is she doing?

In my past experience, I’ve learned that confidence isn’t about how you look, but how you feel about yourself on the inside. Confidence is a state of mind. If you believe you’re confident, you will be confident.

Here are some things confident women do differently:

Confident women are themselves, authentically and unapologetically.

They aren’t trying to be someone they’re not. They are themselves no matter who they’re around or what they’re doing. They never apologize for who they are. They don’t make excuses for themselves. What you see is what you get.

Confident women know who they are and aren’t in competition with others.

A confident woman knows who she is inside and out. She is 100{c9d3c824302757703f48837c7eefcd02729f5877ba90517f71b8e0601160fef7} comfortable in her own skin. She knows that she is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. She doesn’t try to compete with other women because she knows the importance of lifting others up, not tearing them down. A confident woman is empathetic and compassionate towards others.

Confident women have a self-love practice.

They know the importance of loving themselves and practice it daily. This can be in any form that makes them feel good. Yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, surrounding yourself with good people, eating healthy, taking care of their bodies, are some of the self-love practices in their routine.

Confident women own their mistakes.

They know they’re not perfect and neither is anyone else. People make mistakes, but they understand the importance of taking responsibility for your mistakes. They take this as an opportunity to learn and grow, not to get defensive.

Confident women know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it.

Confident women know what they want in life. Whether it’s a new job, to travel more, to learn how to cook, or to ask a guy out on a date, they are really clear on what they want out of life. They believe in themselves enough to go out there and make it happen. They take risks, fall down, get back up again, and keep going. They live their lives and don’t just talk about making it happen.

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