Do you know those people? The ones who always seem happy and see the glass half full?

And I’m not talking about the ones who pretend like they’re happy, but inside they’re miserable.

I’m talking about the ones who are genuinely and sometimes annoyingly happy.

Did you ever ask yourself, “What do they have that I don’t?”,  “What are they doing that I’m not?” or my personal favorite, “What drugs are they on?”

The answer is simple and the good news is you don’t need drugs to achieve that level of happiness.

People who are genuinely happy have a loving relationship with themselves. They have a self-love practice and understand the importance of a self-loving relationship.

Self-loving people all have similar characteristics aside from being annoyingly happy all the time.


  1. They practice having boundaries and learn to walk away when a relationship isn’t serving them.


Self-loving people know how to respect themselves and don’t seek love and validation from others. They have established boundaries and teach others (gently of course) how to respect those boundaries. If a person continues to cross those boundaries and is a toxic presence, they have the courage to walk away from the relationship.


  1. Self-loving people own their emotions


They understand that it’s ok to feel sad, angry, happy, and sometimes to ball your eyes out in the fetal position (hey we’ve all been there). They know that feelings are just that, feelings. There are no right or wrong feelings. But they also take responsibility for their emotions. They don’t place blame on others. You’ll never hear them say, “You make me feel ______”. They will always say, “I feel ________.”


  1. They take time and invest in themselves


Self-loving people are very comfortable and enjoy some alone time. They aren’t afraid of being alone with their thoughts. They enjoy spending quality time with themselves. Self-care is a part of their daily practice. They make these things a priority whether it’s a long bath, meditation, yoga, reading a book, taking a walk outside, getting a massage, they do something every day to take care of themselves. They also know that they are constantly changing, evolving, learning and growing. They know how important it is to keep learning about themselves. They make sure they invest in things that will help them to do that like coaching, therapy, seminars, books, retreats, journaling, meditation, yoga, etc.


  1. They are kind and compassionate towards themselves


Self-loving people understand how harmful negative self-talk is. They make a conscious choice not to listen or take negative thoughts personally. They speak lovingly and kindly to themselves. If they make a mistake, that’s ok. It’s not, “Oh my God, I’m so stupid. I suck at this. I’m a bad person”. It’s “Ok, I made a mistake. It happens. I will do my best to not let this happen again”, and then they let that shit gooooooo. They don’t hold onto it and let it fester. They talk to themselves like they would someone they really care about and when a negative thought comes through, they acknowledge it and let it go.

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