Chances are when you’re getting ready to go out on a date you’re thinking more about what shoes to wear, where you’re going, if the dates going to be awkward, and if the guy is as cute in his picture as he is in real life, than your mindset.

Believe it or not, it’s actually more important to have the right mindset than the right pair of shoes.

I can hear your shock and disbelief from here.

Even if the date isn’t the best date ever and he’s not “the one”, you can still learn something about yourself and others.  It’s all about perspective.

Changing your mindset and taking control of how you date is going to make dating fun again. If your only job was to let go of expectations and just have plain and simple fun, imagine how differently you would approach dating.

Ask yourself these 5 questions before going out on your next date…

How do you feel when you think about putting yourself out there on the dating scene?

How do you want to feel?

If you changed your mindset from finding “the one” to just getting to know someone, how would that feel for you? How would that change your approach to dating?

What would change for you if I said dating would no longer be hard/scary/awkward/uncomfortable/unbearable, but fun/exciting/light/happy/spectacular/amazing?

What would it look like if you showed up and were 100{c9d3c824302757703f48837c7eefcd02729f5877ba90517f71b8e0601160fef7} yourself on a date? How do you think the date would go?

After you’ve completed these questions complete a visualization exercise.  Sit for 5 min with your eyes close and imagine how you want the date you’re about to go on to go.  What are you doing on your date? What are you wearing? What is he wearing? What are you talking about? What does he look like? How do you feel on the date? How do you feel around him? What’s the energy like? Go through each moment of the date from start to finish and get as detailed as possible.

This exercise will put you in a great mindset before you go out. It will set the tone and the energy for your date. And most importantly it will leave you feeling really excited and ready to get out there.


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