Jealously can be really difficult to deal with. Especially in this day and age with everyone putting everything on social media.

Feelings of doubt, feeling insecure, and criticizing yourself because you’re not where they are can fill your mind and leave you feeling less than.

But jealousy is actually a great thing.

That’s right! You heard me correctly.

Jealousy is actually a great thing! And here’s why…

When you spot it you got it. Meaning when you see something in another person that you want or that you’re comparing yourself to, you’re seeing something in them that you’re not seeing in yourself. You think you’re jealous of them but really they’re just reflecting to you a quality about you that you’re not seeing inside of yourself.

For example…

If you follow me regularly you know that I am OBSESSED with Taylor Swift.  I could look at her and put her on her pedestal like wow she is so successful, and talented, and beautiful, and thin, and rich, which would just leave me feeling jealous.

OR I could say ok what qualities do I see in T Swift that I’m not owning inside of me? What I’m seeing isn’t any of the qualities listed above. What I’m seeing is her confidence, her ability to speak her truth (especially in her songs), her ability to go out and create and not care what people think, her ability to move millions of people with music.

I’m noticing the qualities about her and those are all reflecting to me what I need to own inside myself.

So think of someone who makes you feel jealous or someone you compare yourself to and write down “When I look at you I see…, when I look at you I feel…” Look at the characteristics you’re seeing in them. How you’re seeing them act and behave and look at where you’re not acknowledging that inside of yourself.


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