Over the past couple of week’s, I’ve had sooooo many women reach out to me and tell me how much they love what I’m doing and how much it’s helped and inspire them. I can’t even tell you how much this literally makes my heart want to explode with joy.

I KNOW that the biggest reason for the large response has been my newfound ability to be open, honest, and vulnerable especially about the things that scare the sh*t out of me. It has allowed people to connect with me because I truly understand what they’re going through.

I also know that the biggest reason I’ve been able to be so open, honest, and vulnerable is because of my own healing journey. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’ve had to overcome some challenging obstacles like sexual assault, family issues, Lyme’s disease, feeling stuck in a job I hated, struggles with body image, worthiness, being a people pleasing perfectionist, and much much more.

In my life and in my coaching business I wanted to skip that messy middle part and get right to the part where I can see the silver lining and the lessons that needed to be learned in order to grow. While that’s wonderful to be able to find the lesson in every challenge I was doing what they call in the personal development world “spiritual bypassing”. I wasn’t allowing myself to really feeeeeel the pain so I can heal the pain.

Last year the universe said no more. It’s time for you to fully learn this lesson and gave me one of the most challenging years of my life to date. But it taught me an invaluable lesson and that is you can not truly step into the woman you were meant to be if you aren’t willing to roll your sleeves up and get down and dirty with the darker parts of your soul. Not only was this lesson invaluable in my personal life, but in my business as well.

I was hardcore spiritually bypassing the messy middle stuff with my clients as well. Not my fault, I just didn’t know any better and let’s face facts, I was scared AF. I was scared that it would force me to look at my own stuff. When I finally did and I learned how to clear and heal it, I was then able to do the same for others.

So I am SOOOO excited to announce that I am opening up my one on one coaching program to 5 exceptional ladies this month. I decided I wanted to keep my one on one program to only 5 women so I can give them my full energy and attention. I know how challenging this work can be and I want to ensure that these women get all of me.

The 1:1 Self-Love Coaching Program was created to meet you exactly where you are. It will provide you with support, a deeper level of healing, and powerful transformation while on your journey. It’s an invitation to open up a loving conversation with yourself about the life that you want – a life that inspires and excites you. It’s an opportunity for you to rewrite your belief system while remembering the beautiful love that lives inside of you.

This coaching program is for women who are:

-Ready to create a huge shift so they can step into the woman they were always meant to be
-Ready to finally heal their core wounds so they are able to let go of old stories, self-sabotaging behaviors, outdated belief systems, & limiting thoughts
-Ready to be a magnet for everything they desire and create a life that is beyond their wildest dreams
-Ready to transform and upgrade every area of their life including their relationship with their body, romantic relationships, and having a love affair with their career 
– Ready to experience radical self-love and feel incredibly empowered and confident
-Ready to feel really f*in good and safe in their own skin
-Ready to be fully supported, freedom to speak their truth, a space to hold compassion for where they’re right now and guide them to where they want to be

This program is not for women who are:

-Not 100% committed to showing up and following through
-Are not willing to get real honest, look at the pain and grow from it
-Are not open-minded and willing to look at things in a different way
-Not willing to do the work that is necessary for change and transformation
-Not into having fun with a few curse words sprinkled in

Here’s what working together will look like:

-One 45 minute session per week via phone/Skype (6 sessions total)
-Unlimited email correspondence in between sessions
-Initial intake questionnaire that you complete and we review before our first session
-Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing
-A personalized action plan and self-care program
-Freedom to ask and share anything you want in a safe, warm and cozy space

Investment: 1 payment of $500 or 2 payments of $275

I KNOW that these spots are going to go fast, especially at this price. I literally had a stranger ask me why I wasn’t charging more. So if you’re READY to transform your life, live your life in alignment with who you truly are, and to step out into the world with no apologies, then sign up for a discovery call today.

I am so excited for you because I know how valuable this work really is. It has helped transform my life and I know it will help transform yours too 


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