The Empowered AF Mastermind

Have you given yourself permission to be the real you?

I mean REAL permission to accept every part of you. Even the parts you’ve deemed “bad” or “wrong”. To love your darkest shadows. The parts you’ve never let anyone see. The parts you feel are not good enough, too much, too sensitive, the wrong size, the good girl, too shy, too loud, or somehow lacking. If you’re exhausted from trying to be everything to everyone (and ultimately someone you’re not), you’re in the right place.

This is an invitation to open your heart to the truth of who you are.

To love and accept yourself unconditionally. To give yourself permission to start saying “no” to what doesn’t serve you.

The Empowered AF Mastermind is for highly spiritual, empathetic and sensitive women who are ready to ask themselves what do I need? What dreams do I have? How do I feel safe and nourished?

If you are ready to carve your own space between too much and not enough. To let go of unrealistic expectations you’ve put on yourself and to let go of your inner people pleaser/perfectionist. To call in your soul relationship. To have a healthy, loving relationship with your body. To quit your 9-5 and follow your dreams of traveling the world, then this is the place for you. This magical container is a safe space designed for you to be able to speak your truth and get comfortable with being perfectly imperfect. This sisterhood will hold compassion for where you are right now and help guide you to where you want to be.

Over the next 3 months I will help you…

  • Break up with your inner good girl. Want to leave your job to do the thing you love but your inner good girl won’t let you? Your inner good girl has been running the show for far too long. Together we will lovingly learn to part ways and make room for the real you to step forward. This includes setting healthy boundaries and making yourself and your dreams a priority again.
  • Move into radical self love and acceptance. Are you constantly criticizing your body and feel deeply ashamed of the number on the scale? Together we will heal any shame that you’ve been carrying around and rewrite your belief system while remembering the beautiful love that lives inside of you.
  • Tap into your intuition so you can deepen the connection with yourself and develop unshakeable confidence. Like the confidence you need to get back out into the dating world and find soulmate love.
  • Feel fully supported as you dive into a deeper level of healing, and powerful transformation while on your journey. We will open up a loving conversation with yourself about the life that you want – a life that inspires and excites you. Here you will be deeply held by a sisterhood of woman who support and encourage you as you go after your dreams.

I am here to hold the vision for you and to show you what’s possible. Like having a wonderful happy marriage and getting to do the thing you love everyday.

I’m here to hold space for you while you reconnect with and make peace with yourself. So peaceful that you easily fall asleep at night rather than having your mind race with the million tasks left undone on your to-do list.

I’m here to remind you of who you are every time you forget. That you are brilliant, loved, and supported. That you are enough and it’s safe to be you. That your light is undeniable. That you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination.

Let's start the transformation!

Hi there lovely, I’m Jen Csajko.

Self-love coach, intuitive, healer and spiritual warrior.

I help millennial women show up in the world fearlessly knowing that they are supported entirely in love. I guide them to unlearn what they know so they can remember who they truly are and return home to themselves- the vibrant, powerful, wildly passionate, creative, brilliant women I know they are. I help them drop their inner good girl/ people pleasers and quiet their inner mean girls. By learning to own their power through fully living in alignment with who they are, they can step out into the world making zero apologies and feeling empowered AF.

Jen has completely changed my life. Hiring her as my coach has made me gain so much clarity for my future and acceptance of my past. She has taught me so many tools that I can use on a daily basis to keep me in the space of love and really leaning into fears and negative emotions rather than suppressing them and letting them bother me for years like I was taught to do and have always done.

Jen has given me freedom. Freedom from feeling like I was not in control of my own life. She showed me that everything is happening for me and not to me and that the power lies within me. And I get to choose that. It’s an amazing way of looking at life.

She has helped me release so many deep emotions that I didn’t even realize were bothering me. I feel so much lighter and happier and way better equipped to handle whatever life throws at me now using the things she has taught me. I truly feel like I accept myself now and have so much compassion for myself and others now.

I will forever and always be grateful to Jen and for her courage to step up and be the amazing coach that she is. She is truly a gem and anyone would be the luckiest to be in her presence and have her coach you.

Best decision I’ve ever made was hiring her.

Alex S. 

When I started working with Jen, I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to work on (or through) but just felt stuck and knew I needed a change. Little did I know that during our three months of working together she would help me navigate a serious life crisis, identify patterns of behavior, and most importantly cope with and heal the emotional wounds that kept me systematically repeating those same scenarios in my life.

She wasn’t just a coach, but a friend and confidant. She helped me own and realize that I am not what happens to me in life, and that I’m not only capable, but in charge of myself and my emotions.

Perhaps the most exciting part of working with Jen was the moment that I actively caught myself in a triggering situation and was able to navigate it without stress, anxiety, or for lack of a better putting me in a complete tailspin. I’ve learned to work through things in a way that I was never able to before.

Jen is compassionate, honest, and not afraid to get in the muck to help you become your best self and work through life’s challenges.

Because of Jen, I am a happier person. Additionally, I’m a better wife, mom, and business owner. Not only do I highly recommend her and her coaching, I know that working with her is definitely something I’ll continue to do for years to come.

Jaclyn P. 

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